Mr. Mike of Thunder's Arena pointed me in the direction of one of the company's latest releases, a match pitting Cody Nelson against his brother Troy Nelson on Mat Wars 29.  I've spoken before of my peculiar fetish for brother wrestling brother--and some of you astute readers who have wrestled actual brothers (and/or have a stronger respect for incest taboos than I do) have told me that, contrary to my long-held fantasy, in reality there's nothing particularly erotic about real sibling roughhouse.  Having been an only child, I had imbued the ritualistic rivalries between brothers with erotic glamour (thank you, Swiss Family Robinson!) and wanted nothing more than the impossible--the sudden discovery of a lost brother close to my age--in particular, one who liked to wrestle in his white Fruit of the Looms, preferably in waist-high water.  Before I was fully aware of and comfortable with the direction my sexuality was tending towards, I thought all I lacked was a brother to make me "normal" (back when I set my sights on normalcy, way lower than I do today).  In my earliest days of being out and proud, I still consciously sought brother substitutes.

So, it is just a fantasy.  Just as well since it could never be a reality for me.  Still, the allure persists--for me as an onlooker, if not for the participants.  Even if they weren't brothers, Troy and Cody put on one hell of a fight.  Both of them clearly know their way around a mat--and fill out a pair of blue trunks the way it's supposed to be done.  The knowledge that they are brothers, though, makes the match all the more fascinating for me.  I imagine brothers' getting inside each other's head, predicting the other man's move, knowing each other's Achilles heel, and holding enough resentment from years gone by to make the goings-on especially humiliating and nasty.  In this respect, fantasy or not, Cody and Troy do not disappoint.

Troy's crooked smile is a dead ringer for Z-Man's.  Now I'm convinced that Z-Man's mannered smirk must be in permanent storage with the Thunder's Arena props department.  Z-Man, of course, wears it a bit better--and in either case it fits in better at the Arena, where the whole point of the wrestling is fratboy fun, than at Rock Hard Wrestling, where Zack Johnathan's grin looks somewhat alien among the "incredibly intense, non-stop sizzling wrestling action," so stern and humorless.  (Note:  I like stern and humorless, just hold the smug looks and giggles.  Everything in its place.)

Cody and Troy quarrel over their bikes in a brief and perfectly naturalistic prologue depicting the two at rest on a sofa ... in wrestling trunks, bodies glowing as if the men always pumped up before watching Judge Judy on TV.  The wrestling match evolves out of a wager over whose bike is faster--the loser of the bout having to surrender his bike to the victor.  But, seriously, any excuse would do just as well--and, one hopes, the roots of the fight go deeper than pride of Yamaha ownership.  In my heart, I want this to be a continuation of a decade or more of humiliation and domination behind closed doors--and indeed it is!  It doesn't take big brother Cody long to take pot shots at Troy's "Dumbo" ears or an apparently embarrassing old girlfriend--and, to add insult to injury, to fart in the kid's face.  And it doesn't take little brother Troy any time at all to erupt with pent-up savagery against Cody--his initial assault will remind you either of the opening of 2001, when one ape-man trounces another, or Cain's slaying of Abel in the Book of Genesis.  Later, when he finally gets Cody in a schoolboy pin, he reminds big brother of the many times he was at the bottom, taking his licks, and relishes the fact that now the tables have turned.

It's an even match, all in all, both fighters weighing the same, both fighting an opponent they have fought their entire lives.  Cody, of course, has the more experience (at Thunder's Arena ... and at Rock Hard Wrestling, where he's been just as impressive), and Troy has the greater desire to win, having suffered under Cody's petty tyranny long enough, god damn it.  Who wins, who loses is beside the point with me.  I'm satisfied as long as the opponents are well paired, enthusiastic, and wicked, and as long as there is a clear and incontestable victory--and all of that applies to this contest.  I look forward to seeing these two fighters take on other opponents at Thunder's in the near future--and I hope it's not too much to hope for a rematch.  A five- or six-year feud between these two (with intermittent tag partnerships) would suit me just fine.


  1. These are two hot guys with perfect, smooth, muscular bodies. The brothers angle is intriguing but it is the wrestling that matters.

  2. They've been opponents in tag team action at RHW. I've only seen a preview, but it's seems that they had very minimum contact in the ring. That'd be disappointing, as bro vs. bro is the selling point. Both look fantastic, but that match must have been quite a while after this one be cause to say that Troy's body matured is an understatement! I've seen a few fraternal fracas that had too much inequality, but the Nelsons have all the right stuff. I hope they do more as foes, one-on-one, gents!


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