Darn Right It's Butch

Was I (I probably was) the only child to be turned on by Butch in Little Rascals?  Especially in that short in which he and Alfalfa box in a ring--"Glove Taps," in 1937, Tommy Bond's first appearance as the neighborhood bully "Butch"?  These shorts used to play every afternoon on local TV in Altus, Oklahoma, right before or right after an old Tarzan movie.

In 1938 the two foes actually rassled in "Came the Brawn" (a good porn title should my Little Rascals fetish ever blossom)--in which Alfalfa's girl Darla decides she has a thing for "muscle men," and the gang bill Alfalfa as "Wildcat" Alfalfa and put him in a makeshift ring against the "Masked Marvel"--actually the wimpiest kid in the neighborhood, till Butch, who also has a thing for Darla, dons the mask instead.

All in all, Bond shot 14 shorts as Butch, and then went on to serve in the US Navy and be the first actor to play Jimmy Olsen (in Superman film serials in 1948 and 1950).  Born in 1926, Bond died of heart failure in 2005.  

Don't start accusing me of pedophilia now--I don't even like kids (too fucking well behaved)--and my alt.sex.festish.rascals, such as it was, died out when I was ten.  Almost died out.  Now in my always far-fetched and usually anachronistic fantasy life, Butch grew up to be UK wrestler Chris Andrews, 26, 5'9", 189#.  Ready to kick Alfalfa's freckled butt and make Spanky, that sneaky little bastard, bend over and touch his toes.

Side note, afterthought, or whatever:  When I was four or five years old, my uncle put me and my cousin (same age as me) in boxing gloves and forced us to duke it out in a circle of grown-up men out in back of the house.  Vivid memory.  Totally non-erotic, sad to say.


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