The Fever

Steven "The Fever" Walters, 5'9", 190#, will be 24 in two weeks, but he's been wrestling on the local (Carolinas) pro circuit for better than eight and a half years.  That's a third of his life between the ropes.  In that time he's held a number of titles, including the first ever UWA World Champion.  At NWA he is one half (with Derrick Driver) of the tag team New Wave, and he currently wears the Revolution Wrestling Association heavyweight championship belt.  Photographer Blake Arledge caught up with him in Newton, North Carolina, last Saturday at a Pride and Honor Wrestling show, where Walters whupped John Skyler, on a card that also featured Alex Avgerinos, Ostgard, and Derek Ryze.  Arledge captures the night for us here, the way he always does.  (See video on the match here.)


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