Ivan Gromov

Every adult Russian male under forty I ever met looked like his body was composed 65% of muscle, the rest of it, cum.  Ivan Gromov, 6'1", 221#, fits the description.  Gromov is a big, beautiful brute whose vinegary sweat I'd be happy to mop off myself one day.  In this Independent Wrestling Federation (NFR) match, versus Iron Wolf, Gromov is cowardly, vicious, tricky--and the match quickly descends to chaos.  And it looks like things are set up for a showdown with the equally voluptuous Volcano down the line.  My eyes are already peeled.  No, I do not understand a word of it, but the Russians can hardly be blamed for not having a proper alphabet--not when they bring this much quality meat to the mat--and the slackness of Gromov's gear puts tighter briefs to shame, in my opinion.


  1. Gromov is great to watch and at least lately a total, unremitting, heel.


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