Jason Steele Murders (Almost) 18-Year-Old Zizou Middoux for Being Overdressed in the Ring

In this recently posted YouTube video (here and here) of a February 2009 match, Jason Steele, 6'0", 260#, all but obliterates young, strapping Zizou Middoux for the African Punishment Wrestling Association.  Zizou, son of wrestler Terri "The French Monster" Middoux, issued the challenge here, to which Steele responded with contemptuous laughter, predicting it would be like wrestling a child and clearly relishing the thought of tearing the youngster to pieces "bit by bit."  As if sheer size and ring savvy weren't enough for him to win, Steele gives us fans just a little bit more by making illegal use of ring ropes and turnbuckle and taking every opportunity to give the seat of his tight black trunks a little tug.  


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