Justice Served

Just when I thought I might be over wrestling--hard to believe, but, yeah, I was starting to think I was burning out--I get hit in the face with this Pro Wrestling Ohio main event from Sunday (the entire 57-minute broadcast is here--and there's not a dud on the card), in which long-haired Matthew Justice, 6'1", 202#, challenges butch-cut Bobby Beverly, 5'10", 185#, the champion, in a match that dissolves into anarchy only to reemerge as an impromptu six-man tag-team match (you will have to see it for yourself because that's the best description I can make for it).  I may also be cultivating a special kink for wrestling matches pitting a man with long hair against a man with short hair, especially when, as here, the short-haired man is the bad guy.  I already knew I have a thing for fights where I can't decide which man to root for--ambivalence is a powerful aphrodisiac for me--and this match had me bouncing back and forth second by second.  Time to count me as a convert to Justice, Beverly, and PWO.


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