Le Diable à Quatre

On April 16th in Douvrin, a four-way match (watch it here and here) was set up to determine who would challenge Alexei Petrovitch for the N'Catch heavyweight championship later that evening.  Young strapping tag partners Chris Kent Jr., 5'9", 185#, in black-and-white short trunks, and Mike Skills, in black-and-red long trunks, 5'11", 183#,  took on Tristan Archer, in blue, 5'11", 205#, and Striker, in black bodysuit, 5'10", 298#.  Striker eliminated Kent and dominated the other two men until, at the last minute, Skills and Archer united against him.  With Striker out of the picture, Archer and Skills then battled each other feverishly, nearly to a double knockout--but then Petrovitch  invaded the ring and attacked the two exhausted wrestlers with his belt, causing the fight to end in a no contest, with no challenger at all for Petrovitch's title.  (Photos by Fossaert Samuel)


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