Troubled Youth

Buzzcut Slim J, 5'9", 187#, goes after long-haired Patrick Bentley, 5'10", 200#, in this NWA Anarchy match from four years ago.  The powers-that-be make cards like this one just to give me blueballs for weeks--I'm convinced of it.  The mere thought of these two "troubled youth" attacking each other in the squared circle, both men tied with two falls apiece in a best-of-five series--much less its realization in 23 action-packed minutes! (here, here, and here)--puts me where I can't sit straight on the couch.  There's just no way for my thighs to meet without shock waves riding up my spine.  It feels like gnats are lighting on my prostate gland!  "What has gotten into Slim J?" the announcer asks.   I shudder to think.  Two strong, testy young scrappers who don't know the word "quit."  You can wish for better quality video, but ring drama doesn't get any better than this.


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