I loved Dolph Ziggler, 30, 6'0", 223#, in his pre-April "Max Headroom" phase.  Effete and cowardly, with blond from the bottle.  He looked artificial--photoshopped even when he wasn't--the perfect monster out of WWE's star-making laboratories.  And I do mean "perfect."  I had no complaints.  He made WWE interesting to me.  The synthetic Dolph Ziggler made me want to take Vince McMahon by the ... h-h-h-hand.

Some have complained that, with the new, more natural short dark cut, new tights, and new tough attitude, he's become just a "generic" wrestler.  Now, he looks amazingly like his younger brother Ryan Nemeth, 26, 6'1", 209#, and I wonder whether (if there's a god) the two will ever team up as partners or (gulp--if there's a god who loves me) the two will ever wrestle each other.  

Ryan Nemeth

But I do mean--and it's a key word--"amazing."  

Ziggler looks better--but, yes, perhaps just a little less distinctive.  (Perhaps, that is, had there never been, before 2008, um,  a peroxide blond wrestler.)  Still he is hardly "generic" in the context of the wrestlers I grew up with--and you'd be hard pressed to find a better looking man today ... anywhere.  And we all should be so lucky to look this generic--or to have a full stable of wrestlers who look like this man.  Send in the clones, I say.  There ought to be clones.  Well, maybe next year.  (Too gay?)


  1. I wish he'd change his outfit further, into the skimpy trunks worn by Randy Orton and Chris Masters! Woof woof!


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