Wasted on the Young

I object to the use of anabolic steroids on aesthetic grounds.  They may do wonders in adding iron and bulk to a guy, but they are murder on a pretty face. Time and stress make a wreck of us eventually, of course, but, apart from war, highway collisions, and maniacal exes, nothing spoils a young man's good looks quite so alarmingly as the rapid chemical transformation into something cubical.   Consider these pictures of the early years of British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith, back when he was a pretty wrestling teen known on the British wrestling circuit as Young David, back when he was more ephebe than Peterbilt truck, and way before he died untimely at 39 (still young) from heart failure associated with his drug use.


  1. The British Bulldog was always one that never failed to make me stir in the lower regions. Perhaps this was a time when I obsessed about the body and didn't care about the face, but I never found him that bad looking. It's always interesting to wonder what he would've looked like if he hadn't done steroids, in an alternative universe I suppose.

    Davey Boy was a great wrestler, and he always exuded so much sex appeal with the way he carried himself, though to be honest, only when he had short military cut hair. He wasn't the most ripped, but his pecs, shoulders and arms were to die for, and I still lust seeing his that fine butt in action


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