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I am not up to snuff on the ethics of blogging and the copyrights of copywriting, so there's a good chance I'm doing something morally wrong here, perhaps technically criminal--or, at the very least, contractually iffy.  But I have just written up some copy for BG East's Catalog 87, not yet available, and wanted to especially recommend one of the matches, ditto on the unavailability as yet.  The match is an intense, relentless, and sweaty bout between Jonny Firestorm, 5'5", 145#, and Bobby Horton, 6'2", 200#.  It will be one of the three matches featured in BGE's second release in the BG's Bad Boys series--and it promises to be a classic.  That's just my opinion, of course, but, hell, this whole goddamned blog is just my opinion, isn't it?

On the subject of opinions, it's mine that this is Firestorm's best work ever at BG East, and that would be saying a lot, but then, admittedly, I have not seen everything he's done.  He's in peak condition for this fight--and he's right on the cusp of babyface and heel in a performance that effectively, if a bit bizarrely, combines comedy and sadism.  He's pitted in a surprisingly even match with Horton, who is revelatory here, clearly capable and self-assured, dynamic as fuck, in a fine followup to his heel turn against Tyrell Tomsen last summer.  In the copy I wrote yesterday, I compare the match to one of those old-school grunting contests from the 1970s, you know, the ones where somebody like Dory Funk Jr. slugs it out for seemingly hours with somebody like Jack Brisco under NWA's white-hot lights.  This match is sexy and brutal--with bits to make you wince, bits to make you cheer, and bits to make you hit pause to run get more kleenex and lube before proceeding further.

There's no nudity, only fleeting and indirect references to sexuality, bruises but no blood.  But there are foreign objects and a heaping truckload of illegal holds.   It is my contention here (and in the soon-to-be-published copy, unless this post sabotages the whole shebang) that Jonny Firestorm is the quintessence of BGE in the 2000s.  Like Rochelle before him, Firestorm is a surrogate for the Bossman himself, extending Kid Leopard's distinctive style of viciousness and intermixing it with his own mannerisms and sensibility.   If I had to pick just one old-school analogy to Bobby Horton, it would be Bob Orton Jr. (Randy's tall and cunning daddy--and, yes, the names are remarkably similar--coincidence?)  Frankly, I had low expectations of this match--despite being a fan of Firestorm and finding Horton of moderate interest.  It wasn't so much my feeling for them individually as grapplers; I just didn't foresee they'd have a lot of chemistry together.  How little I knew!  It's dynamite with a side of fireworks.  In my opinion.


POSTSCRIPT (4 May 2011):  Interested?  This match is available for view on BGE's members-only Arena.


  1. Good to hear the match looks great on tape. I was one of the still photographers during the taping, and thought it was a classic match at the time.


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