Bad Language, Fighting, and Unsafe Behavior in the Pool Area

Budget crunch or no budget crunch, my pal Bard may have picked the wrong time to let his subscription to Thunder's TV slip.

But don't worry, old buddy of mine--I am down here in North Carolina with a mouthful of crow over every disparaging word I've ever said about Z-Man's ability to sell a fight.  

In the Arena's latest release, ZMan vs Dallas, Zack Johnathan taps into his inner Lee Marvin and goes apeshit maniac all over Dallas.  Punches get thrown--and, I know, it's all kayfabe--but I'm here to tell you that somebody at Thunder's has just graduated from a master's class in advanced stage combat!--because fists land on mouths with startling, shuddering resonance.  

And that's not the end of it!  

The action splashes into the pool, over which territory the two hunks are having the dispute in the first place--and today I was (I kid you not) just minutes away from writing a haranguing post on How Nobody Seems to Know How to Stage a Good Pool Fight.  So glad I didn't.  Because this, folks, is how it's done.  I have not got this much wood from sloshing water since the last time I slo-mo'ed Johnny Weissmuller rassling a crocodile in Tarzan and his Mate.

My hat is off to both Z-Man and Dallas.  I always thought both men were stunningly beautiful, but nothing they ever did fight-wise impressed me until now.  And my hat is off too to Thunder's Arena, for the fine way everybody involved took a customer's request (this is the second in the company's Custom Video series) and turned it into an instant (just-add-water) classic!


  1. Damn it! Curse my budget and bad timing.

  2. Ha. Isn't that the way it always goes? I'm in the same boat, having to let my Naked Kombat subscription expire. Hopefully I'll get a raise soon and add it back on. Good luck on your finances too, my friend.

  3. Lol! Between BGEast, NRW, MixedWrestlingZone,FemaleWrestlingZone,Can-Am,Buff 'n' Bound,and Steelkittens...pff forget it haha! As for bad timing I TOTALLY FEEL YOU! I can't even scrape up 10 bucks to put on my debit card to chat with David Calbrese from NRW..SHIT!!


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