Thursday, June 16, 2011


New Japan Pro Wrestling sustains the boy-are-you-gonna-get-yours tradition, as seen in this December match (here and here) pitting champions Kota Ibushi, 5'11.5", 190#, and Kenny Omega, 6'0", 200#, against a couple of sexy tough skinheads, Jado, 5'11", 220#, and Gedo, 5'9", 200#.  I love Ibushi longtime, though, truth be told, his emo-slash-manga haircut is starting to take on a life of its own, quite independent of the rest of the man--and the same might be said of Omega's Alex Forrest do.  But in the spirit of the one wrestling angle I never seem to tire of,  ring veterans Jado and Gedo, aka "The World Class Tag Team," have their way with the big-hair duo, aka "Golden Lovers"--double-teaming, strangling, ball-busting, and so on--for a good two-thirds of this match--until, wonderfully, guess what happens?  Go on, guess.


  1. Kenny and Kota kiss again?

  2. Kenny Omega = Mac Matthias on BG East



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