Cole, Hard Fact

Not many wrestlers can live up to the coolness factors of their ring names, but Cole Cassidy does, even though his name combines the names of two notorious badasses of the Old West.  There's a steeliness about Cassidy--his dark rugged looks, high cheekbones, the grim jut of his jawline, lips thinner than the point of a pencil.  He'd look right at home, whittling a piece of wood, chawing tobacco, kicking back on the hind legs of a chair on the railway platform at Tombstone, a six-shooter strapped to his thigh.  I get the feeling the man could out-squint Charles Bronson.

In BG East's Matmen 22: Jeans to Tighty Whiteys, he looks impressive in leather and denim--not an easy look to pull off (you'd think being German I could do it, but I come off looking like my mother dressed me)--and the man can fill a pair of tighty whiteys too.  When Cassidy crosses paths with another tough hombre, Damon Clark, sparks fly.  You don't even notice that Clark has 20 pounds on this guy--and five inches (in height, anyway).  Clark looks intimidating, even when facing an opponent his own size.  But Cassidy looks like he could fight an Apache helicopter--with just his fists.  Given the two men's win records, the final judgment may come as no surprise, but plenty of surprises pop up along the way--and for pure macho display and mean fun, here is where you want to be.


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