I still don't quite get Dragon Gate, with its colorful manga-inspired histrionics and all-CAPS, parallel-universe gimmicks, but I do like its current Open the Freedom Gate Champion:  YAMATO, 29, 5'7", 180#, former mixed martial arts fighter who turned pro wrestler five years ago this month.  He's a nasty piece of work, noted for sadistic assaults on his opponents' limbs, near lethal kicks, and slow, torturous knockouts by rear naked choke hold.  What's not to like?  Here he is in Christine Coons' dramatic shots of a match at the beginning of this month, against English good-guy PAC, 24, 5'8", 171#, whom he torments and then finishes off neatly with a scoop slam piledriver.  The two are evenly matched and put on a good show.  I like them both.  I guess maybe I'm supposed to love one and hate the other, but my favorite matches are often ones where I'm drawn to both competitors, resulting in irresolvable yet rapturous tension for me.


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