Naked Kombat

Naked Kombat is the most exciting new idea to hit kink wrestling in a decade.  Saying that, I want to be clear that I do not (do NOT) want every homoerotic wrestling promotion to copy NK's sexy four-round angle or even dive in to the world of all-out porn.  But let's just say that the amoral folks at have hit on something tasty here--and Joe likes.

Still, the most important thing a wrestling promotion can do is innovate and refine the business--in ALL directions--elegant to punk, G-rated to XXX, pro-style theater to collegiate-style mat rules, kayfabe to basement fight club, traditional gear to nude to plushie to liederhosen.  In this respect, Naked Kombat is in line with other envelope-pushing companies--Black Wrestling Network, BG East, Krushco, and Thunder's Arena, among them--following their own lights, investing in new ideas.  Those companies interested in tapping into my meager disposable income should not simply cut into other promotions' profits by copycatting their house styles and raiding their rosters--or underestimating the sophistication of the fans.  Come up with something new and exciting--that's what will capture my interest--give us some kinky sumo ... gay midget wrestling ... 3-D technology ... the all-wrestling version of The Bourne Identity ... lavender-tinged neo-lucha ... no, I won't do your thinking for you, but call me if you need somebody to bounce ideas off.

But back to Naked Kombat.  I will admit that the rape fantasy aspect of it is dicey.  I get it.  But I am not troubled by it.  Why?  One, it is fantasy--not rape.  The participants are consenting and willing.  Nobody seems really all that put out to have to take the victor's cock up his ass.  The part that makes rape rape is violence, not sex, as decades of consciousness-raising pamphlets have made us all aware--and there is no real violence in Naked Kombat.  Real sex, sure, but then sex is not the same thing as rape.  And, two, it's safe sex.  Three, if it's the aggressiveness that bothers you, what can I say?  It's men.  It's wrestling.  So I'm not bothered by this--boyfriends and I acted out small-scale rape fantasies since forever.  No new thing.  Nothing to worry about, as far as I'm concerned.

Others find it troubling that wrestling is treated as mere foreplay to sex.  For some of us, that's what it is.  For me, about a third of the time it has been foreplay--another third of the time it was an erotic fetish, that is, entirely replacing any kind of penetrative fucking (mutual masturbation, more or less), and another third of the time it was innocent horseplay, high spirits, good clean fun, with gay and straight adversaries, erotic only in retrospect, but at the time nothing but boyish roughhouse.  If you don't think wrestling matches should have a "happy ending," then by all means avoid Naked Kombat--it is not for you.  But please spare me the insinuations that what you get off on makes you better than me and what I get off on.  Damn.  If it's not the homophobes, then it's officious gays making up "rules" based on nothing better than their personal preferences and rationalizations that dress up prejudice with cherry-picked evidence and strained logic.  Okay, whew, I got that out, didn't I?

Now, where was I?  Okay, this is how I wanted to start this post:  "Thank you, Bard at neverland for recommending Naked Kombat's May 25th live-audience four-man free-for-all."  Wow.  Yes!  The match lives up to everything Bard has to say about it here.  I can do no better than to agree, point by point.  Yes, a rowdy live audience adds immeasurably to the hotness of the match--and thank goodness it's not packed with screeching redneck homophobes or, almost as bad, jaded queens who carp about everything, who have a neurotic compulsion to mock anything that steals attention away from themselves.  And the team of Nikko Alexander and Gavin Waters is a high-water mark for bullies everywhere--and, man, that Waters, who is brand new to me, is a saucy character, isn't he?  Hot as microwaved McDonald's coffee, and cute and menacing all at once in a porned-up Johnny Lawrence sort of way.  And Nikko--he I already knew is a pistol.  And Trent Diesel is amazing--tenacious, fast, brutal, a one-man tag team.  And Matthew Singer, also new to me--what a little sweetheart!  Skittish, perhaps in need of a little one-on-one training with Trent, but well worth pinning down and fucking.

And thank you, too, to the guy, the visitor to this blog, who once, perhaps a year ago, recommended that I check out Naked Kombat.  I'm sorry I can't remember who made the recommendation first.  I was skeptical, having not been impressed with other mash-ups of wrestling and porn--where if the wrestling was good, the porn was meh, and if the porn was hot, the wrestling was just a number of wrestling-like poses being struck for artistic effect.  NK does bring it all together.  Now whether you want these two things brought together is entirely up to you.  I like it--and it fits in nicely into the rich array of other wrestling companies I follow and sometimes write about here.


  1. You're welcome, and my pleasure (truly!). Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Well, that brings up an interesting ethical conundrum with the BDSM scene.

    You can't really dominate someone who wants to be dominated. It's just play acting and fantasy in that case.

    And of course, dominating someone who doesn't want to be dominated is rape and absolutely wrong.

    But in wrestling there's an ethical balance. It's assumed that each contestant is there of their own free will because they want to dominate their opponent. And that in exchange for the opportunity to try and dominate their opponent they freely accept the risk that it is they who will wind up being dominated (and paying the pre-agreed upon price).

    So it would be inconsistent with the scene for the loser to act pleased and happy to have lost. Their role is to stoically "take it like a man" and vow to try harder next time.

  3. There is a crucial distinction between rape and rape fantasy. Somebody who wants to dominate and mount a truly unwilling victim is, as far as I can tell, a rapist or would-be rapist.

    Still, if role players want to go the distance and never drop the pretenses of the fantasy, the loser can pretend to be unhappy about losing as long as he likes, I suppose.

    But "preferring to fuck" is not always incongruent with "not minding being fucked," since I can well imagine (okay, remember) a scenario of wanting to win and fuck the loser but not minding too terribly if he wins and fucks me.

    And as long as both combatants freely accept the stakes, even after the decisive fall, whether they enjoy being bottom or not, I wouldn't call it rape.

    I should add that all such role-playing requires a "safe word," which, when spoken, brings everything to a halt.

  4. Yes and yes, but what makes it edgey, providing the real thrill in a NK match or one of one's own making is when both guys freely volunteering are tops willing to risk taking it up the ass. Nothin' is better.



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