Not Enough Warning?

Prince Ameen issued an open challenge at Sunday's Norton British Wrestling show ("Notorious") in Cambridgeshire.  Big, powerful Blake Warning answered the challenge and, from the looks of things, gave Ameen a good drubbing.  Ameen's no pushover, but I think Warning walked away the victor.  Maybe the prince will be more careful what he asks for in the future.  Time for NBW to put Blake Warning on the official card, I think.  If his face on a poster is not a draw already, it soon will be--on both sides of the Atlantic, too.  (Photos by Steven Fludder)


  1. you might also like seems blake is a buff nakaed butler

  2. I turn 60 in 2013. I really should be saving my pennies to go to the UK sometime that year (I have never been--and here I am a scholar of 17th-century British literature) and hire Warning and Kris Travis to be my personal nude butlers for, let's say, a week.

  3. I wonder if there are any other wrestlers they hire lol!

    1. And will the wrestlers wrestle between hors d'oeuvres and glasses of champagne?


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