Ryan Rush

For once I can say, "I like Rush."  Canadian Ryan Rush, 25, 6'4", 230#, long hair or short, bearded or clean-shaven, is a formidable presence in the ring.  Big, beefy, constantly sweating, physically he exemplifies what makes wrestlers in general appealing to me.  Most visitors to this blog share the "type" with me to some extent, as opposed to (or aligned with) a taste for twinks with swimmer's builds and sucked-in cheeks.  Rush (or "The Rush," as he's sometimes called) might not do as a model for Dolce & Gabbana, but he would make a serviceable god of thunder.  His command of a wrestling ring is evident in this video of January's New York Wrestling Connection championship match, with Rush as challenger.  Even with subpar videography and lighting, without commentary or lengthy prematch interviews, the drama of this fight shines bright, what with the din of an excited crowd and Rush, in full-tilt macho mode, pounding the mat like a silverback, ready to trade blows with haughty fancypants "Yours Truly" Alex Reynolds.  This excites me.  This really excites me.


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