Scorpio Sky

Scorpio Sky, 5'10", 190#, was one of the best things about MTV's Wrestling Society X--the short-lived, anomalous, but no less genius wrestling series from (hard to believe) five years ago.  Today Scorpio wrestles for a variety of promotions.  My recommendation is to watch him battle Cedric the Hitman at last Saturday's NWA Hollywood show--here.   At the beginning of last week he signed on with Urban Wrestling Federation.  Sky is also behind the mask of Lucha Vavoom's most inspired (ever!) gimmick, El Presidente--think Barack Obama as a masked luchador!  Yeah!  Hell yeah!   (Photos by Don Spiro, Julie Ahn, and one uncredited source.)


  1. I don't know how you keep finding these amazingly hot wrestlers and frankly I don't care. Please, just don't stop! Thanks for providing one of the high points of my morning.


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