Hot is hot, whichever way you slice it, but the setup doesn't get hotter than this--two guys with close win records meet face to face--on Naked Kombat, no less--to settle matters after a tag contest left a bad taste in the mouth of  one of the guys.  The contestants are Leo Forte, 5'9", 179#, six wins and one loss, and Trent Diesel, 6'0", 185#, five wins and one loss.

Forte's the one with the bitter taste of defeat on his tongue (after April's asswhupping in front of a live audience), and he expects a one-on-one session with Diesel to clear the palette.  Leo is all swagger in the intros, not just confident that he can take Diesel but smirking like he's already won.  Cleancut, straight-edge Trent barks out his stats like a soldier in formation.  He respects his opponent, but he also thinks he can beat him--"fuck him into submission" are the exact words.  

Both men come to the mat with not only experience but the discipline that comes with training in the martial arts--Brazilian capoeira for Forte and Korean taekwondo for Diesel--so there's that too:  competing fight styles.  Tasty!  Oh, and did I mention that both guys are supremely fuckable male specimens?  Uh huh.  

And in Round 2, the traditional jockstrap round at NK, Trent's right arm is bound to Leo's left arm at the wrist.  Excuse me, did I just scream out loud?  And the strap binding the two hard men together is the only one that lasts the full round.  The cuff comes off for Round 3, but in Round 4 (no spoilers) the loser, wrists bound to his ankles, is bent over and totally open to the victor's assault!

I've said before that just the thought of Naked Kombat's four-round structure can make me break into a sweat.  I haven't seen everything, but nothing I've seen here has been a total wash.  Even at its lamest, NK gives me at least something to keep me busy.  But this fight--this strong matchup of talent and pulchritude, with the little extra something (boundtogetherandnowheretorun)--shoots Kombat up into the stratosphere of whackoff genius.


  1. I haven't had a chance to watch this match all the way through, but I'm looking forward to that even more now. Trent is always on top in my reckoning, regardless of who's ass gets owned in round 4. Leo has never quite inspired me, though I see he has legions of NK fans.

  2. I like em both, Bard. Leo looks more wrestleable to me, but I could sit on Trent's washboard abs all day long. Your blog is what got me hooked on Diesel--hope you're proud of yourself, pal.


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