Where Erst Was Thickest Fight

In Bodybuilder Battle 32 on Thunder's Arena, arrogant blond Cage, 6'0", 215#, breaks in the new guy, Rex, 5'8", 208#.  I watched this match late yesterday afternoon, after a grueling discussion of the primordial conflict between good and evil in Paradise Lost (with a class of bodybuilders--yeah, I guess I do kinda feel like Donald Sutherland in Animal House, only really really gay), so I was ready for some of this.  Not knowing the two wrestlers, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Cage is quite entertaining as a comic heel--cocky, each insult funnier and more vicious than the last, fearless in both his attacks and gear choices.  At first, Rex comes off as a little camera shy--but his balls grow to cantaloupe dimensions right before our eyes in the first five minutes.  The fight moves from what promises to be a squash job to a close call--and by the final round everything is up for grabs, and the torturous climactic submission seems to last forever, which--in contrast to Samuel Johnson's caustic remark on Paradise Lost (i.e. that "none ever wished it longer")--is not even close to being long enough.


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