Argentine Apollo

Argentine Apollo, 1938-1984, 5'10", 175# (often billed as heavier), was a barefoot wrestler of the 1960s (and early '70s). I barely remember him from my childhood, but I do remember him, mostly as a warm sensation in my groin. Just the name brings it all back. Born Vincente Denigris, "The Whirlwind of the Pampas" also wrestled under the names Vittorio Apollo and Argentina Apollo. He was a crowd favorite, noted for his nimble athleticism and fiery latin temper. In his twenties, his application of a figure-four hold was reputedly so intense it required the efforts of one or two refs just to pull him loose from his opponent. That alone might have contributed to the heat in my pants. He had a fierce clawhold and back kick, as well. Like a number of wrestlers, Denigris had a talent for visual arts. He was an accomplished landscape artist.


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