Back to You, Billy

More shots of Billy Gibson. More than making me wish I were seventeen again (having now been through three cycles of seventeen, plus some spare years and months--for you young readers, you start doing this kind of arithmetic once you pass 40), these pictures make me kick myself for wasting the years fifteen and sixteen, years I should have spent at the gym getting ready to be like this at seventeen. More than anything, I guess, they make me wish I were French Canadian.

Ask me right now what I think the ideal pro wrestler's body should look like, I would show you these pictures. Ask me right now what I wish every North American teenager could do, I would say write a clear, coherent, and insightful 750-word essay on current events and carry two grown men on his shoulders.


  1. Joy! Your prose is becoming the benchmark for erotic baroque (wrestling division). When are you going to corner the summer school market? The filth industry needs input - you are hereby appointed their consultant.


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