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  1. I gotta give you credit, Joe. You know I haven't exactly been reluctant to knock your Big Sexy fixation, but damn if you don't make this match sound like a Big, Sexy epic. I'm actually going to buy it and re-subscribe to Thunder's Arena in large part because of your review (well, and to see Coupe's handful of matches, especially the one with Cameron Matthews. I wonder why there wasn't more of him?).

    I also have to say it's enticing, to say the least, to read that Zman does a momentum-shifting run-in. I've never really understood why so many matches in the in the gay-oriented wrestling world are so, straightforward (pun intended). I mean, it's not like most matches are reffed, so the context itself practically screams swerves and surprises. Anyway, I share your anticipation of the inevitable Big Sexy gets gleefully gratuitous revenge on Zman and Dallas.

    After all, much of the fun of Zman is the aplomb with which he courts his own destruction and then suffers 'n sells the hell out of it on a level that makes the average indy wannabe look like the half-assed punter he is. After seeing Zman relegated to the role of background eye candy for vastly less attractive people to pose over at another company, it's exciting to hear that there's conscious appreciation and development of Zman's stock in trade elsewhere.

  2. hey can u put a blog of zmans ball torture when he faced big sexy in no holds barred 6 and the ball torture joker had endured from ucw-wrestling in his matches and some more big sexy ball torture

  3. All I can say is "Finally!". I would have preferred an untainted match, but I'll take what I can get.


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