Billy Gibson

Billy Gibson, 17, 6'2", 210#, from Montreal, one half (with Xplicit) of the team 2Phat, has wrestled since 2009.  Seventeen.  Damn, seventeen.


  1. 17, huh? He’s quite breathtaking for being so young ... those “show” photos indicate an incredible presence... I wonder what it’s like to be so young and so hot, I mean, what does that do to a guy’s mind? How do their egos work in the real world?
    (and with the emphasis on the number 17 --- I had a rock song from the 70s ringing through my head...) --- Joe, thanks for posting.

  2. Someone's been studying on The Miz.


  4. I can't find him on Cagematch, so I don't know if he's still active. Dated YouTube videos seem to cluster in 2011-13, with one posting in 2014. As he's only about 20 now, it'd be a shame if he's already left wrestling.

    Some of his match videos are here:

  5. He's still active! Found his FB page.


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