Don't Get Me Started

Yesterday Bard at neverland gave me some space on his blog to pontificate about my kinks. Pontification is one thing I do know how to do. The entry is a part of series Bard initiated, in which he invites other bloggers to be guest contributors and write on the topic of "Diverse Tastes." I don't need to tell you that my piece is off the hook. But I should probably mention (to those two or three of you who do not already know it) that neverland is tops in covering wrestling, wrestling fiction, TV news anchormen, True Blood, British actors, the recognition of body parts, and other pop-cultural colonies of homo-kink. Check it out.


  1. Thanks so much, Joe! I'm humbled and honored. I'm going to put "colonizer of pop-cultural homo-kink" on my CV!


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