Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Electric Blue

Some blurry yet titillating snapshots of Canadian wrestler Alex Plexis as a super-bronzed entrant in a bodybuilding contest last Saturday, above. Below, eight days earlier fighting (and ultimately losing to) Pete Powers at ECCW. I love the bodybuilder but hate the bronzer. I admire Plexis for the disciplined attention he gives to his physique, but bodybuilding means precious little to me unless the muscle gets to bounce on other muscle on mats or in the ring, which is where I prefer to see Plexis. He needs to show off those pretty legs at ECCW, too.  And here I was worried he might have something to hide. (Wrestling photos by Mary Diaz) 


  1. Where can I obtain more photos of Alex Plexis doing bodybuilding?... Thank you very much for attending to me and congratulations for your wonderful blog.

  2. Look at all the body make-up/bronzer on that dining room table!

  3. @Alex Wrestler: I don't know much about bodybuilding or Alex's involvement in it. I can tell you he competes with the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (WBFF). I hope that information helps.

    @bruno: Yeah, I know. My university theatre department may not have had so much makeup. And to the untrained eye (mine) the end result is brown, solid brown, and LOTS of it.

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  5. Alex has photos of his fitness contest but only as a member in his facebook.

  6. You have to remember that, like theater makeup, this is intended to be worn under intensely bright lighting that literally leaches any color out. Even black guys wear it! TV makeup looks glaring and clownish if seen outside studio lights.

    However, having attended BB contests, I can tell you it can still be overdone. From the contest pix it looks like he got it about right. The bronzer is easy to mock, but if done well it serves a purpose.



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