Hate Fest

Bobby Beverly, in sideburns, versus self-professed "heel for life" Eric Ryan, in long tights, Evolve, July 16th. Kevin Steen interrupted this opening match, a no contest, to rant against Ring of Honor and Davey Richards on the microphone. I hate no contests. I hate microphone rants. Now I hate Kevin Steen. But this was not the first time, nor should it be the last, that Beverly and Ryan met in the ring. They have both dueled (Ryan beat Beverly in a highly touted grudge match at Absolute Intense Wrestling last month) and fought side by side as the Young Studs at Beyond Wrestling and AIW. Evolve, if it knows what it is doing, would not bury these fit journeyman heels in go-nowhere, tease-the-paying-customers openers. (Photos: Scott Finkelstein)


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