Hey Everything Is Great

After I expressed concern about his ring absence, Ashton Vuitton, polite as ever (outside the ring, at least), set my mind at ease by telling me he's in good health and in good shape. He took a "leave of absence" from wrestling in 2011 to look after some personal stuff. "Couldn't be physically in the ring," he says, "but I was still connected mentally." He will be returning to the wrestling ring "in no time," he promises: "I couldn't stay away for too long," and "I have some new fresh ideas that I will bring to the ring this time around. A little different side of Ashton but I don't want to give too much away." He didn't specify a date--or even what promotions will feature the New Ashton--but I figure the guy likes an element of surprise, so, on the polite side myself, I didn't ask.


  1. Good to hear...Ashton is on my top 10 list for sure! Was his feedback unsolicited or is he a regular follower?

  2. @Anonymous: I emailed Ashton about his recent absence, and he responded. He knows about the blog but, as far as I know, does not follow it.


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