Kharn Alexander

Kharn Alexander, 24, 6'2", 186#, is an independent wrestler who recently signed on with Ohio Valley Wrestling. Over the past three years, the Indiana-born wrestler has created a ring persona that is one part Trent Reznor and one part Razor Ramon, with a dash of Brad Armstrong for texture--it's a mash-up that was meant to be. The man's torso speaks for itself. His shoulders and arms impress me most of all--and perhaps the thighs, not so visible here. (On YouTube you can find videos of his early wrestling years when Kharn was skinny.) Recent photos (like these) show him losing the horrorcore stylings in favor of a more classic, clean image, accentuating the fruits of his hard work at the gym. 


  1. The only OVW vids I could find has him in either lame 3-way match or opposed by tuns of lard or both. That's the best OVW can do with this promising talent? Really?

    No victories in these 2012 match-ups, though it was last minute losses.


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