Tristan Archer and Lionel Turuani versus White Storm and Neo "Le Dragon" Sheron, July 24, for Tigers Pro Wrestling. The open-air contest took place before close to 2000 spectators in Saint-Flour, a city whose history dates back to the Bronze Age, at least--the so-called Age of Heroes--and, if that's not epic enough for you, it's built on top of one of France's biggest volcanoes. There were three events in all--split among the four men on the small card: Sheron beat Archer in singles competition, then Storm beat Turuani, and finally Sheron and Storm faced Archer and Turuani in the climactic tag match. It looks like Archer and Sheron carried most of the battle, to judge by these photos. But young Turuani closed the deal by dropping Storm with a lariat. Here's a show I wish I could have seen up close, Francophile and Archer fan that I am.


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