The Two Jakes

Competing companies give us competing versions of Jake Jenkins, 5'7", 155#, one of the new hot things in underground wrestling right now. I'm torn between them. There's BG East's ever popular gayboy fantasy of the pretty jobber, and there's Rock Hard Wrestling's sexy heel teaching skinny upstarts like Gunner Bayani some manners. I like them both, but, okay, who am I kidding? Handsome heels are what I'm all all all about, though I wish the barefoot wunderkind in skimpy white trunks in BGE's Hunkbash 12 would somehow blend into the leering dominator with the robust grit and coolly effective moves we see at Rock Hard.

I don't know why I'm not in line with most of my gay brothers on this vote. As much as the next guy, I like seeing Jenkins, who looks like a testosterone-infused Albert Quinn Ingalls (don't start me--I'm already fantasizing the porn ripoff, "Little Ho on the Prairie"), stretched out, prostrate, and sweating buckets, his well-hewn muscles aquiver. But riled-up, lethal, and in full possession of himself and his opponent, Jenkins ignites ecstasy, wonder, and tongue-lolling-out lusts in me. I just like a can-do guy, I guess. And I look forward to Rock Hard's re-teaming of Jake and Austin Cooper as taunting, stomping, and cheap-shot-taking tag partners against boy-next-door Cliff Johnson and the as-yet unveiled newcomer Nick Collins.


  1. I'd have to vote for Jake in his barefoot jobberboy persona. There is such a limited supply of that species, and even fewer who look so sexy in sweat-soaked white speedos.


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