Baz's drawings make explicit what's implicit in every wrestling scene for me and like-minded kinksters. Baz depicts burly titans grunting against each other and erupting like volcanoes. Each picture is worth a thousand dirty words. His Yahoo! Group, bazotter's wrestling pictures, has been up and greasing fans' knobs for six years. The imagery is bold, primal, hearty, and vulgar. The best pieces give me instant wood. But they affect me in other ways too. Some of them make me laugh out loud. Others make me feel the way I feel while reading The Thousand and One Nights--like I'm in touch with something elemental in the universe. I wish I had a wall full of these, matted and framed--to amaze my friends and for me to stare at, as prelude to my daily devotions, and touch like relics of my raunchiest daydreams. In selecting my favorites to post here (with Baz's permission), it took me a full hour just to get down to 34 drawings. It was agonizing to reduce the number further to just these electrifying eight ... titillating ten, which may, Rorschach-like, represent the dirty edges of my id. 

Note: Queries about original works of wrestling art, including availability and pricing, should be directed to Baz at


  1. Baz has an incredibly acute artist's "eye". He so perfectly captures the homo-eroticism of man-to man wrestling! I especially enjoy seeing his masked, muscle heels battling pretty muscle boy jobbers and beating the snot, (and OTHER bodily fluids) out of them! :D


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