Fuck Wrestle Shoot

You know the rules. They are as cruel, arbitrary, and limited as fate. So here are the three top-ranked men at WWE as of July 30th. Make your picks. No cheating. And, gentlemen, it's just a game.

(Any nominees for future rounds? The three names should be logically connected to each other--three brothers, three recent champs, three new faces, three guys named "Matt," etc. Email me with your ideas.)

Me? I'd fuck Cena, wrestle Mysterio, and shoot Christian. You?


  1. Fuck Cena, wrestle Christian and shoot Rey

  2. How about a generational/family thing?
    1. Cody Rhodes (Fuck), Dusty Rhodes (Wrestle), Dustin "Gold Dust" Rhodes (Shoot)
    2. Ted DiBiase Jr (Fuck), Brett DiBiase (Wrestle), Ted "Million Dollar Man" DiBiase Sr. (Shoot)

  3. Fuck (grudgingly): Jerry Lawler
    Wrestle: Arn Anderson
    Kill: Ric Flair / Hulk Hogan (It’s a tie!)

    (and right on with Bruno's picks as well !!!)

  4. Well, seeing as I find wrestling to be hotter than fucking...

    Wrestle Rey-Rey, fuck Cena, shoot Christian.


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