Fuck Wrestle Shoot

Two weeks ago reader RayAtl posed a real challenge to the f-w-s rules, offering four contestants (Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Jerry Lawler), instead of the expected three. I'm not sure what makes these four a logically linked set, except all four made the Pro Wrestling Illustrated's top-50 list for the year 1991. And I can't really say I would want to wrestle or fuck any of the group, except perhaps Anderson, for my tastes the hottest of the lot--but it's the nature of the game not to flinch from a challenge, so I'd have to say I'd fuck Ric, wrestle Arn, and shoot Jerry and probably Hulk too.


  1. Fuck Arn because he's the only one who'd get me going. Wrestle Ric and shoot the other two.

  2. I'd shoot myself before I'd fuck any of them.



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