Fuck Wrestle Shoot

Billy and Chuck (WWE) 
The Heart Throbs (EWA, OVW, TNA, WWE) 
Lenny and Lodi (WCW)
So this must be the inevitable gay gimmick duo edition. Then one assumes all six would be up for fucking and wrestling. Arguably they all need shooting for perpetuating shallow and pansified stereotypes of gay men--and doing it with so little insight. My picks: Fuck Billy and Chuck, wrestle Lenny and Lodi, and shoot the Heart Throbs. Can anybody tell me whether Ring of Honor ever had a gay gimmick, single or duo?


  1. http://www.wrestlingarsenal.net/members//Galleries/Pages/Titus_vs_Albright.html
    As documented in Wrestling Arsenal...
    Rhett Titus may not be an explicitly gay gimmick, in fact he's built up to be something of a lady's man, but there were definitely some overtones in his matches, at least in this one with Brent Albright. Provocative pins, pulling Brent's face to his crotch to simulate oral sex...

    And as long as I'm here:
    F: The Heart Throbs
    W: Billy & Chuck
    S: Lenny & Lodi

  2. S: Heart Throbs
    F: Lenny and Lodi
    W Billy and Chuck

  3. now I finally “get” this F-W-S thing ... I was only trying to inject some “old school” notion into it before and couldnt decide who to really “S” ---
    in this instance

    F - Lenny & Lodi
    W - Billy & Chuck
    S - The Heart Throbs

    I wanted to think RoH was “Above” gay baiting a crowd, but Stay Puft is right ... they did tease that with Rhett but dropped it quickly

  4. Definitely fuck Billy and Chuck (they called him Mr. Ass for a reason)
    Wrestle the Hearthrobs (to get my hands on Romeo)
    Shoot Lenny and Lodi


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