My 15% Gratuity

Pro Wrestling Illustrated has released its annual list of the top 500 pro wrestlers. Of that 500, here are the 75 who matter most to me.  And my personal top ten favorites (who appear on this list) are set off in boldface:

    1.  The Miz
    9.  Eddie Edwards
  10.  CM Punk
  12.  Sheamus

  13.  Roderick Strong

  17.  Dolph Ziggler
  25.  Davey Richards

  27.  John Morrison
  47.  Alex Shelley
  51.  R-Truth

  53.  Seth Rollins
  66.  Heath Slater
  67.  Robbie E
  68.  Ted DiBiase Jr
  71.  Shelton Benjamin
  73.  Prince Devitt
  74.  Jay Briscoe
  76.  Austin Aries
  79.  Charlie Haas
  81.  Mark Briscoe
  82.  Orlando Jordan
  83.  Jeremy Buck
  85.  Kenny Omega
101.  Kenny King
104.  Low Ki
106.  Alex Riley
107.  Brian Kendrick
108.  Jimmy Jacobs
109.  Rhett Titus
114.  Mike Bennett
115.  Adam Cole
116.  Johnny Curtis
118.  Jay Lethal
140.  Zack Ryder
154.  Kota Ibushi
162.  Chavo Guerrero Jr.

163.  Tyler Reks
165.  Chris Masters
177.  Paul London
188.  PAC
213.  Derrick Bateman
231.  Matt Taven
232.  Kyle O'Reilly
260.  Lucky Cannon
264.  Petey Williams

268.  Johnny Gargano
269.  Shawn Spears
275.  Matt Cross
290.  Josh Daniels
303.  Pepper Parks
309.  Matt Cage
313.  Brandon Locke
316.  Aden Chambers
319.  TJ Perkins
339.  Ace Hawkins
340.  Cole Callaway
344.  CJ Esparza
345.  Mike Mondo
351.  Kirby Mack
358.  TJ Mack
363.  Lince Dorado
365.  Kyle Sebastian
368.  Corey Hollis

376.  Steven Walters
381.  Damian Slater
388.  Alex Silva
395.  Shiima Xion
403.  Bobby Shields
409.  Kekoa the Flyin' Hawaiian

413.  Bryan Logan
418.  Matt Logan
430.  SeXXXy Eddie
432.  Stupefied
434.  Shaun Rickers
438.  Mike Posey

As for glaring omissions,  the top ten I would have somehow squeezed onto the list are Bobby Beverly, Tristan Archer, Artemis Spencer, Scotty Mac, Valkabious, Blake Warning, Luke Robinson, Zack Sabre Jr, Terry Frazier, and (sure, he just retired, but sheez) Jason Hades.

Care to differ? Numbers and names of those who matter to you under "Comments," please. Admittedly I don't know all 500 of PWI's choices, so I would appreciate hearing about whom I have been missing this past year--or overlooked here. 


  1. I think it’s kind of ridiculous that Luke Robinson could not make a list of 500 men... what were the editors of PWi thinking? Perhaps the list was compiled before the latest ‘Tuff Enough’ aired... and equally ridiculous is listing Tyler Black in both of his wwe/fwa incarnations ...

  2. I haven't seen the entire PWI list, but do I discern correctly from the absence of Brandon T from your own lucky list of 75, Joe, that the list was not international in excluding a Brit like Brandon T?



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