Old School

"Old School" Oliver John, 39, 6'0", 236#, is what a pro wrestler should look like. Burly, hard, with thighs of steel and a jaw that looks like it could crack lug nuts. There are too many shots of him with a microphone for my tastes, but he wears his tights well, so there's something to look at, at least. He wrestles on the West Coast, where, along with Derek Sanders and Zach Reeb, he performs an anti-immigrant heel gimmick in lucha-libre shows. Seventies wrestler Paul DeMarco trained him in the old-school ways back in the late eighties, when he was a teenager.


  1. whew --- this guy’s appeal is undeniable ... I think they dropped the ‘border patrol’ gimmick at the end of 2010 or so, but does any body know where is O.J. now? He is decidedly difficult to find on You Tube or the internets... I have even come up blank trying to purchase his matches... anybody else?

  2. Clickwrestle.com has some. I got a few from APW without the BP gimmick, also Big Time Wrestling. He also wrestled for Fog City Wrestling too. I have followed him for years


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