Ring Leaders

It is almost like Beyond Wrestling read my diary. The last thing I would have expected from these crazy kids is an old-school sweaty mat fight. Too gay, too slow, not high-flying enough, I would have thought. But there it is. Jonathan Gresham, 5'5", 162#, and Mark Angel, 5'10", 194#, groaning and squeezing and stretching their arms out to grab the ring ropes to make the ref call for the break. When they are not tangling up close and horizontal, they are engaged in my second favorite wrestling activity: the punchout against the turnbuckle--in a match so close and tight you could put a dozen dimes on these guys' bellies and half of them would never hit the ground. From beginning to unpredictable end, this is the sort of edge-of-your-seat thriller that used to fuel my schoolboy wet dreams. And, all too generously, Beyond Wrestling lets us watch it for free (here) on YouTube, the full 13-minute bout, part of the not-yet-released Ring Leaders, and in stunning 1080p hi-def, no less.


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