This is the second of my capsule reviews of notable purchases in my summer wrestling spending spree. I wrote on the main event of Pro Wrestling Ohio's WrestleRama: Justice Is Served shortly after it aired on TV and then--briefly--on YouTube (the video is now blocked as "private"). I knew then that, once I had disposable income, I wanted to explore PWO-TV further. The action was well lit and shot with multiple cameras positioned to optimize viewers' appreciation of the ring action and the wrestlers' bodies, and happily now I can report that it all looks clearer and brighter on DVD, especially on a large-screen TV (as opposed to my laptop).

WrestleRama: Justice Is Served

PWO interests me mainly because of Bobby Beverly, 5'10", 185#, whose slow-burning intensity and fluctuating loyalties give him a pass as either babyface or heel, depending on the match and the opponent. This disk features Beverly not only in the main event against Matthew Justice and the resulting six-man melee after that match, but also in an early match against Michael Facade, 6'0", 188#, of the three-man Ninja Elite Squad. Within minutes this fight made my pants fit a little tighter, if you know what I mean, so let me go ahead and confess that BB has been something of an obsession of mine this summer. The man knows what to do with a pair of white trunks. Beverly sports a round-the-clock smirk that makes him look like a double-meat version of Penn Badgley, hold the whimsy. (If Badgley could snake his hips like Beverly, Gossip Girl might still be worth watching.) Beverly flouts Facade's ninja moves and counters with hard, on-the-mark kicks and flip drivers.  In the end Jason Gory interferes, giving Beverly the advantage and the fall. Heel or not, Beverly looks dismayed when he realizes that Gory intruded on his match, and a tense faceoff ends with Jason putting Bobby in a sleeperhold that he recklessly maintains long after Beverly is out cold.  Thus, emotions turn on a dime in the PWO universe. And there's a lot more to this disk than Beverly: Gregory Iron, Shiima Xion, Bobby Shields, Nicki Valentino, and Aeroform (Flip Kendrick and Louis Lyndon), not to mention a special appearance by Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, add further value to a disk that's already a steal at $15 at Smart Mark Video.


  1. I have to say that one thing (I should probably say another thing) that bothers me is when you have this great match proceeding satisfactorily and then you have some idiot outside interference (which it almost always is). It's especially annoying when the guy whose match is interfered with is the guy I'm rooting for and is already winning. The interference is COMPLETELY unnecessary. I've been excitedly watching matches when they are ruined by this gratuitous embellishment. They ruin MY groove. Do the corporate gods of wrestling thinks this actually adds something to a match? And the "beneficiary" of this assistance is usually royally pissed off. The gods are moronic.


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