Zack Sabre Jr on Prince Devitt in a 21 May 2011 show for the revived NWA-UK Hammerlock (Photos by Rob Brazier)


  1. Two of the very best workers in the world today, and both smart, likeable guys. We were lucky to meet both these guys at the beginning of their careers when they were training with the late Andre Baker and his NWA/UK down in Kent. Devitt and Paul Tracey then went on to start NWA/Ireland and Zack to a brilliant career in the UK. 'Devil' Devitt has worked in the BG East ring and and both appeared for our brother group, NewProWrestling.com They give us hope for the future of professional wrestling.

    Kid Leopard

  2. These wrestlers are great but the photography is about as close to art as these types of snapshots could possibly be. My congratulations to Rob Brazier for brilliantly capturing the kinetic explosiveness and physicality of the competition and the athleticism and balletic grace of these two wrestlers.


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