Bill Melby

Dick Steinborn
Johnny Rougeau

Reggie Lisowski

Sammy Berg (Samson Burke)

Enrique Torres


  1. Does anybody know whatever happened to Bill Melby? I've searched but could never find out, beyond the fact that one Hall of Fame group named an award after him around 2000. Melby and that other hottie, Roger Mackay, were among the first to introduce bodybuilding to professional wrestling.


  2. Was wondering are there any video of these guys anywhere to watch. Seem like that they would be so hot to watch them.

  3. YouTube has videos of matches with Melby, Steinborn, Torres, and Lisowski ("The Crusher"). Search the wrestlers' names or check YouTube channels for jarrett421, ClassicsWWC, aztecpride004, wrestlaz, LegitPuroresu, etc. Or you can search "vintage wrestling," "classic wrestling," or "golden age wrestling," for other wrestlers and channels.

  4. Thanks for the pic of Dick Steinborn. He sticks in my memory as the first of many wrestlers to give me a rise. He was probably ten or more years older at the time. Do you have any more pics of him; like from the late sixties/early seventies?


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