Here's one I remember from the summer of 1991, when it was brand spanking new: a semi-final bout between Steve Simpson and the Lightning Kid for the then-brand-new Global Wrestling Federation in Dallas. Twenty years ago I thought Simpson was the next Kevin Von Erich, and while he lacked Kevin's blond, all-American-jock looks and blithely entitled boss's-son swagger, Steve had attitude and the moves--Kev's brother from another mother, from another continent--and I liked him--how much because of or in spite of the Dee Snider hairdo, I could never decide.

And this was his best match, in my opinion, even though he was three or four years past his prime, I thought at the time, battling new wavy The Lightning Kid (back when Sean Waltman was barely nineteen). Just the suggestion that this was a heavy-metal-loving big brother teaching an overly aggressive punk kid brother a needed lesson--an impression mildly abetted by the commentator who says Steve is going to "put [the Kid] to bed"--was enough to jump-start me--and the image of Steve twisting and rolling the Kid in a circle immediately etched itself in my memory (a good thing since I had neglected to tape the show).

Thank you, sportjockma, for bracing up the moment for me by publishing the fight (along with many others) on YouTube (here).


  1. Yes, many fantasies here, too, Joe. I kept thinking/wishing Simpson were gay, but alas, probably not, as he's now married and the father of 6 kids. Only recently I learned he wrestled tagteam with a 'brother' and saw a video or two of them together on youtube.


  2. Joe,

    Thanks for the post, when I think of the spent treasure over Steve Simpson, WOW. I can’t place the date when I first saw this and 1991 might be right, I am thinking it is post WCCW and into the Global Wrestling period and by the time I saw it Global was running second (third, fourth) showings on ESPN, which may have been later than 1991.

    Somewhere on a disintegrating VHS I have this match, and have watched it over and over, if recollection serves me right this was a tournament situation in which Lightning Kid had to fight several opponents including Chaz before emerging……. victorious????. The only thing I can say with certainty is that I made a mess all over myself then and now as I watch these fights. Lightning Kid is great subject for fellow blogger Bard’s bodies over time, cause as sweet a sight as was his nineteen year old frame, when he finally moved on the square cut trunks by the time he was in his 30s (somewhere I have the 3PW DVD’s to prove it) he looked even more splooge worthy.



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