Here's the beef. Steven Walters is somewhere at the top of my short list of wrestlers I would like, in my life in a parallel universe, to face in the squared circle. This match pairs him up with Nick Wilson to battle John Skyler and Myric Moore.

Walters gets some time alone with Skyler outside the ring, with whom he's had dealings before.

Skyler gets helped back into the ring.

If I were a millionaire, I'd buy every fan with a camera a decent telephoto lens and a Steadicam. Fine with me if they all keep their seats out of respect for the other ticketholders, but please pull in tight for the armbar, people.

Most of the drama in the second half of this match (which you can watch here) is Walters' waiting for a tag so he can hop in and start cleaning house. Back in the spring, Wrestling Arsenal featured a classic post on the role of the untagged partner anxiously awaiting his chance to get back in the ring.

Twice now, Walters has been tagged in, but both times the ref's attention was elsewhere, so here the wronged hero is scolded and ordered to exit the ring, while the bad guys rip his partner to shreds.


  1. Like yourself, Steven Walters has been on my radar since his debut a couple of years ago ... he's hot as hell... (and Joe, why the numbered posts this month? I miss your creative and witty headlines ... enjoy your blog either way though...) thanks, Ray

  2. I hear you, RayAtL. I was bored, so I thought I'd try numbers in September. It was worth a shot, but talk about boring! I'll return to "creative and witty" in October, if not before. But about Walters--he is an adult dose of man all right. Wow! Thanks for the kind words. Joe


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