Thursday, September 15, 2011

クソ レスリング シューティング

Time for the Tokyo version of Fuck-Wrestle-Shoot, with the three top-ranked (by Pro Wrestling Illustrated) Japanese pros. So what do you think, fellas? I think I'm going with fuck Tanahashi, wrestle Sugiura, and shoot Suwama. You? (To my hiragana-reading visitors, sincere apologies for the no-doubt grossly inadequate Google Translator gloss in the subject heading.)

Takashi Sugiura, 41, 5'10", 216#, Pro Wrestling NOAH

Kohei Suwama, 34, 6'2", 260#, All Japan Pro Wrestling
Hiroshi Tanahashi, 34, 5'11", 230#, New Japan Pro Wrestling

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