Fuck Wrestle Shoot

Today's f-w-s game centers on the past three recipients of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's "Most Hated Wrestler of the Year" award. As we all know, "hate" is not all that far from "hot" (and, of course, "heat") in the squared circle. Since the magazine has not yet announced its honorees for 2011, we have here the winners for 2008, 2009, and 2010. I'm inclined to pick the 2010 winner to fuck: The Nexus--all of them, well, Ryan, Bryan, Slater, and Punk, anyways--Wade Barrett here is a fit (and leering) representative of the full stable. The other two men are a bit harder for me to place, but--a game's a game and everybody has to play--I'm going to say I'd wrestle Chris Jericho (2008) and shoot Randy Orton (2009). (Now, just to mix things up a bit, if I were to open the nominees up to the complete slate of award-winners, dating back to 1972, and be all loosey-goosey with the rules of the game, I'd pick Rick Rude to fuck, Steve Austin to wrestle, and Ric Flair to shoot.)


  1. Ooh, easy one!

    F: Randy
    W: Wade
    S: Jericho

  2. This is pretty tough. They are all pretty fuckable and wrestleable. Id have to agree with Stay Puft. Fuck Orton, wrestle Barrett, shoot Jericho.


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