Fuck Wrestle Shoot

So this is the chrome-dome version of F-W-S. Having recently gone beyond #1-guard buzzcut to no-guard clipper shave, I feel a special affinity for this edition. My choices are fairly simple, and perhaps obvious: Fuck Goldberg, wrestle Austin, and shoot Kane. Frankly, I want to both fuck and wrestle both Austin and Goldberg, but I'm not going to go all Sophie's Choice about it. I can live with the consequences of my decision.


  1. If I'm economical and fuck AND wrestle Goldberg, could I shoot Austin twice, in case the first time didn't stick? (And for any creepy government people secretly reading everything on the computer, this is a party game, nobody's shooting anybody.)

  2. Joe, your choices in this one are right on... Kane has been worthless for a long time now


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