Veddy Eddie

UK wrestler Eddie Reyes, 6'2", 226#, is visiting the independent pro wrestling scene in the US, his first tour in America. To me he looks like CM Punk after a bath--not a bad thing. I'm not usually a fan of fussily trimmed facial hair, but the goatee works rather well--and the man is built the way I think a pro wrestler ought to be. Until recently, the Swindon native played up his Spanish heritage (his finisher is the "Espana Slam"). But, according to 4 Front Wrestling (4FW), for whom he wrestles back home in England, he has officially changed his ring name to "English Lion" Eddie Ryan, adopting his mother's maiden name. These shots show him in Friday's bout in Rome, New York, against "Slyck" Wagner Brown, 6'2", 225#, for Squared Circle Wrestling (2CW), which nevertheless billed him as "Edward Reyes."


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