This little beauty does not disappoint. Next to Krush, of course, the most exciting wrestler at Krushco is Lucien--Krush's most accomplished, persistent, and indefatigable challenger.  Leto, Flash, Braun, and others are heaps of fun, too, but Lucien is the one who first won my heart, and it's Lucien in motion that still revs enough heat to melt me. Marc Matthews is damn fine competition for Lucien, too, close to perfect, in fact. According to the promo copy on line, Marc has long had "a bone to pick with Lucien," and Krush benevolently lent his wrestling pit for the two hotheads to tear into each other--and then caught the action on video at full steam. Plenty of strangulation and scissor holds make his match well worth the $14.95 download fee--even if you go with the "premium" download (at an extra nominal charge that the provider MegaUpload does not bring up until you've already coughed up the initial fee for the "standard" download). I passed on the enhancement, and my boner couldn't tell the difference, but go with your heart on this one. Either way it's worth the price, and for all I know with "premium" you get smacked in the face with some sweat and feel some muscle tightening against your Adam's apple. This is one of the tastiest fights I've seen in the last month.

Oh, and if you're not the type to download and all you want to do is watch, the fee is only $5.95--a steal.


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