Dar vs Sabre

Though the reports are that Noam Dar, 17, 5'10", 200#, beat Zack Sabre Jr, 24, 5'10", 180#, last Friday at Pro Wrestling Elite's show in Cumnock, Scotland, I'm pretty sure Zack gave Noam a few lessons in respect for his elders in the process. Dar, once dubbed "God's Son" and "The Israeli Icon," won his first pro-wrestling title at age 13! Four years later, his arrogant attitude is I'm sure a nice counterpoint to Sabre's quietly charismatic babyface persona. (Photos by David J. Wilson)


  1. Joe,

    just came across the youtube version of this fight posted in May 2012. link follows:

    I suspected you may have discovered the original, and after a simple keyword search on your blog, sure enough, you have been waxing poetic on this fight since October 2011, If not for my lack of comprehension, i may have discovered this video months ago, though as it is I've been making a mess all over myself for the last 3 days watching it, the fight is fast paced, plenty of mat action and the download quality is available in HD, if your good readers have not already discovered this fight, they need to click over immediately, though in the interest of complete disclosure, it should be noted that my judgement as to what constitutes great wrestling may be impaired, as I've been drinking as i type this, so there that..



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